DIOR was launching a new lips product, gorgeous lipstick with the name of DIOR Ultra Rouge; and I am honored to be part of the campaign. I was contacted by the event organiser agency to illustrate their VIP guests.

The campaign is held for the very first time by DIOR Make Up Indonesia and was heavily supervised by their Principal from Hong Kong. Since it is the very first time event held by DIOR Make Up, the process of me being chosen for being their illustrator is a bit interesting as well.

It was about two weeks before the event when they ask me for a sample illustration; simple black and white with a dash of red for the lips. So I asked them for a day, little that I know, I was one of the shortlisted candidates. Long story short, their Principal love my style and wants me to prepare 35 exclusive sketches their VIPs and I colored their lips in red using the Dior Rouge shade 999 during the event.


I'm so glad and relieved when I asked them about my work, they are all so happy with the result.

Here are some of my works, hope you enjoy it.

coloring-using-lipstickColoring using Dior Ultra Rouge 999

cecil-xu-ig-storyCecil Xu Loves it!!

lovely-ladiesAren't they lovely?😍🥰