When Chanel contacted me, it's like a dream come true! It was like 10 days before the event when we conducted a meeting and having some sort of discussion. "We are planning on having this huge event for celebrating Chanel 10th Anniversary in Indonesia and we need an illustrator to create personalised illustration for the guests on canvas. A kind of the one on Montmartre. The guests will be VVIP." I was like, "(gasp) Okay. We can do that." Challenge accepted.

And so we start preparing, looking for the canvases supplier (we need 50 pieces), searching for the wooden easel, also collecting the photo of the guests. Since we only have around 2.5 hours for around 45 people invited, I am sketching the guests faces prior to the event to minimise painting time during the event. So happy that I can successfully pulled it off with some help from the photographer, to capture the guests outfit, and Chanel team, to distributed it to the guests. Yay!!

Here are some footage I managed to collect. Enjoy!!

workstationMy Workstation isn't it lovely? 😍😍

fion-in-actionDrawing Chanel's clients

One of the result 😬

Scroll more for the extras...

plain-canvasPlain Canvases

batch-one-completedBatch One Done


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