Mother's Day is one of the celebrated day in the whole world. Almost major countries celebrate Mother's Day, with their own date and celebration. One of the most known Mother's Day is celebrated on every second Sunday of May.

It was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis, a peace activist, held a memorial for her at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, United States.

Following drawings are inspired by these mothers all around the world.

First mom I drew was Alixcherry and Iris from The Cherry Blossom Girl dressed in yellow raincoat. They just adorable, aren't they?


Next one was Mmehuillet and Coco taken by Carolina Evanno, they are simply so lovely and cute to not to be drawn.

The last one is a special tribute, it's a drawing of Tori Hendrix, owner of Sitting in a Tree and The Fox & The Sparrow, and her lovely daughter Lucca Valentine. Tori was unfortunate to lose a battle to cancer. Thank you Tori for inspiring me and of course a lot of people out there, you are missed by a lot of people around the world.


Thank you for stopping by to my simple blog, let me know your comments below. Hope you all have a wonderful and memorable Mother's Day.

Tools used

Pencil for sketching

Snowman Drawing Pen 0.2 and Pigma Micron 005 0.2 for outlining

Pentel Water Colours for coloring

Lyra Brush #3 for brushing