May 4th 1929 a fashion icon who inspired ton of people was born, her name was Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn was a multi-talented actress, who not only won Academy Award for Best Actress, but also a Broadway actress, a Ballerina, a Model and also a Humanitarian.

One of her most iconic picture was Audrey Hepburn in Little Black Dress in Coco Chanel. Such simple dress yet so powerful, as you can see below.

Stunning, isn't she? Inspired by this image and as a tribute for Audrey Hepburn and her contribution to fashion world, I recreate this image with my illustration and colored with Pentel water color.

Tools used

Pencil for sketching

Snowman Drawing Pen 0.2 for outlining

Pentel Water Colours for coloring

Lyra Brush #3 for brushing

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